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The Link Between Diabetes and PAD

When you have diabetes, your risk of developing several other conditions rises dramatically. Here’s what you need to know about the link between one of those conditions — peripheral artery disease — and diabetes.

Sep 1st, 2019
Are Spider Veins a Health Risk?

Those small, spidery, sprawling veins on your legs might be more than just a cosmetic issue. Keep reading to learn more about spider veins and potential health risks.

Aug 1st, 2019
Why It Is Important to Seek Treatment For Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is more than just pain and swelling in your leg. It’s a potential cause of a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot that travels from the legs to the lungs, which can be deadly. If you have a deep vein thrombosis or any of its risk factors,

Mar 1st, 2019
Venous Ulcers: Who Is At Risk?

Varicose veins can remain asymptomatic for long periods of time. However they can create more serious issues, leading to venous ulcers with severe disability. In some people, circulation impairment could cause sores in the lower leg and foot area conditio

Feb 12th, 2019
Yes, Men Get Varicose Veins, Too

What do you mean, men can get varicose veins, too? If you’re a man with varicose veins, you’re not alone. Learn when you should heed the symptoms and the available treatment options so your veins don’t get worse or lead to health complications.

Nov 16th, 2018
How Your Weight Affects Your Veins

Your vein health can be put at risk by excess weight. Find out why dropping a few pounds can relieve dangerous venous compression and help safeguard you from a serious medical event.

Jul 10th, 2019
Are You at Risk of Developing Peripheral Artery Disease?

Peripheral artery disease is a condition where fatty deposits in your arteries block the flow of blood to your legs. This results in poor circulation and possible pain in your legs and feet. Knowing the risk factors helps you guard against PAD.

Oct 18th, 2018
Are Varicose Veins More Than a Cosmetic Concern?

Do you cover up your legs because you are embarrassed about the road map of bulging veins? While vanity may be your concern, varicose veins also pose a health concern and shouldn’t just be covered up. Read on to learn more about how varicose veins can affe

Sep 12th, 2018
5 Tips for Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis

Although deep vein thrombosis doesn’t present an imminent threat for most people, there are factors that put you more at risk for developing this dangerous condition. Here’s what you need to know.

Aug 16th, 2018
What Causes Spider Veins and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Spider veins are a harmless but unsightly side effect of getting older, pregnancy, working on your feet, or carrying too much weight. If you’re bothered by the appearance of these veins, there are treatments that can make them vanish.

Jul 17th, 2018