During this difficult time, please know that we are and have ALWAYS followed CDC guidelines regarding sanitation, cross contamination and sterilization.

As a surgical office we ALWAYS practice the highest standards of care for all of our precious patients and staff members. All of our surgical supplies, procedure tables, instruments are ALWAYS sterilized BETWEEN EACH AND EVERY USE in order to ensure the utmost safety of our clients.

Being a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon, our practice is well prepared to deal with any acute surgical issues you may have such as cellulitis, leg wounds/infections, leg swelling etc. rather than traveling to the ER and sitting in the waiting room for hours possibly with perhaps contagious patients around you.

To Our Current Clientele

As CLEARLY posted in our sanitized reception area, you will see signs posted to IMMEDICATELY WASH YOUR HANDS or USE THE HAND SANITIZER adjacent to the check in counter.

If you have traveled within the last 2 weeks to any of the “Hot Spots” such as NY, Florida, Louisiana, California OR Internationally, please inform us so that we may reschedule your appointment.

We will be screening all clientele as well and taking temperatures. Reception Room wait times will be EXTREMLY limited with little to no wait time in order to follow social distancing guidelines.

Please go to the CDC website at WWW.CDC.GOV for the most current guidelines.

Our highly experienced team members are ALWAYS practicing, regardless of the situation, the safest techniques, universal precautions and proper distancing.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to call our office at 440-641-0433. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance during these uncertain times.