Is There a Way to Prevent Spider Veins?

A great complexion results from smooth, even skin tone. Anything that alters the appearance of your skin has the potential to make your skin seem older and less healthy. It’s not always about your face either. It’s common for veins to deteriorate with time, and typically this shows first in your legs, since veins here work hardest against gravity to return blood to your heart. When veins start to fail, they show up as spider and varicose veins

While your genetic history plays a strong role in your spider vein risk factor, there are preventive measures you can use to reduce your chances. If, in spite of your precautions, spider veins appear, contact Premier Vein Clinic in Westlake Ohio. Dr. David Naar is a vein specialist, a leading expert in the removal of spider and varicose veins. 

Causes of Vein Failure

Causes of Vein Failure

Medically known as venous insufficiency, the vein problem that leads to spider veins originates in vein valves. Since these vessels return blood to your heart, they are farthest away from the pumping action that moves blood along. Valves in your veins act as backflow preventers, ensuring the one-way movement of blood, even in your legs where blood moves up against gravity when you’re in an upright position. 

When these valves start to fail, blood begins to pool, pressing against vein walls. The tiny veins close to the surface of the skin begin to show through, visible as red, blue, or purple irregular lines that resemble spider webs, the origin of their name. 

Spider Vein Risk Factors

As many as 90% of the people who develop spider veins have one or more relatives who also have the condition. Women are affected more often than men, and sometimes, spider veins appear during pregnancy. 

Using hormone-based treatments such as birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy can weaken vein valves. Your risk also increases as you get older or if you’re carrying extra body weight. Having a job where you sit or stand for long hours also contributes to spider veins. 

Preventing Spider Vein Formation

Spider veins are typically the first sign of venous insufficiency and rarely cause problems beyond their appearance. If you feel you’re at risk or if you want to slow the formation of further spider veins, try these methods:

  • Compression socks or stockings, including support pantyhose
  • Break up your work routine, if you’re accustomed to maintaining a single position, either standing or sitting
  • Lose weight to reduce the pressure on your circulatory system overall
  • Drink plenty of water to encourage healthy circulation
  • Add moderate amounts of exercise to your routine
  • Try resting or yoga poses that elevate your feet above your heart

When Spider Veins Appear

Treating spider veins is easy. One common treatment uses a technique called sclerotherapy, where a chemical irritant causes spider veins to collapse. Your body naturally removes these veins while ensuring all the cells of your body remain supplied with blood. In a few weeks, your spider veins vanish. 

Contact Dr. Naar and our team at Premier Vein Clinic whenever you have questions or concerns about spider or varicose veins.

You can book an appointment by phone or by using the online form on this page. You can save or regain that smooth and youthful skin tone on your legs.

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